• Good Morning Shanghai

    Ride local, eat local, meet locals!

    Welcome another day in mind-blowing Shanghai as you cycle through its enchanting streets on beautifully restored, vintage Chinese bicycles. Would you like to understand why hundreds of expats have made this city their home and got to love it so much? Or maybe you need a refreshing outlook at the China's biggest pride ? Our uniquely designed tour will help you immerse yourself in the culture and feel the genuine spirit of Shanghai in the daylight! As the sun rises above world's most impressive skyline, you will blend with locals who peacefully keep the old Chinese traditions alive and experience the sensational clash of old and new! This eye-opening tour will expose you to the essence of Shanghai, that for some takes years to discover!



    Give yourself the fuel for the tour with fresh coffee and delish pastries in the French Concession



    Discover Shanghai's hidden gems - Art Deco villas from the 1920s



    Join the locals in cultural activities in the historic community park and challenge yourself to learn some basic Tai Chi moves!




    Taste delicious and authentic Shanghainese breakfast from the most popular street vendors



    Learn to shop like a local at the traditional, open-air, wet market



    Enter the Old Town to discover charming places, people and traditions







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