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"I believe music is the soundtrack of life and art is a snapshot of life. As an artist I aspire to give people songs , visual art, poetry and fashion that reflect the human experience." - Redic

Nestled in the heart of Shanghai's historic Former French Concession is multi-disciplined artist Redic's home. It has become a "temporary museum" as he prepares for his forthcoming immersive art exhibition. The American born artist who has lived in China since 2010 has literally been left with a bed and refrigerator! His mixed -media assemblage paintings and sculptured thrones made from found "Chinese ARTifacts" overflow from his living quarters into the common areas he shares with his Chinese neighbors in a four story traditional lane house. Redic's initial intentions were to save cost and "work from home" until the exhibition.

A trusted advisor after seeing the artistic metamorphosis of the lane house encouraged him not to wait until the grand exhibition but to expose and share the work NOW! Since then the artist with the gracious consent of his neighbors has opened his doors, giving guided tours to hundreds of people from all walks of life and to the city of Shanghai at large. Redic is also an ultimate storyteller and performance artist. Most of his art is accompanied with his original poetry and music which he often recites and sings as he shares his life through art on these up close and personal tours. After several years of creative dedication, this body of work is nearly completed. Come step inside the imaginative world where the artist lives and creates! Experience a passion filled art tour like you have never seen before Redic's art leaves his extraordinary temporary art house museum!

1.What do you love about Shanghai the most?

I love the diversity of Shanghai. You have Chinese coming from the all of the different provinces and foreigners from all around the world. Unlike most major cites which tend be a melting pot, Shanghai is a "gathering spot" . Because we are all gathered in Shanghai , culturally I get to experience a microcosm of China and the world everyday ! As a multi-disciplined artist I endeavor to impact as much of humanity through the arts as possible. Shanghai has given me the confidence to know that as opportunities continue to increase my artistry will resonate with more of China and more of the world because it has been polished, groomed and refined in this dynamic city !

2. What is the idea behind the concept of Doors Of Shanghai Installations and what inspired you to do it?

There are 16 districts in SH and I am reclaiming 16 old residential doors and giving them the Redic artistic transformation! Each of the 16 districts of Shanghai is a treasure trove of extraordinary history, a testament to it's thriving present and gateway to it's blooming future! I hope my SH Doors embody that.

The Doors of Shanghai Art Installation are also the last creative content within much larger creative platform that make up my 'REDIC CHINA CHAPTERS" and total immersive Exhibition" for over several years. At its core this is an unapologetic multi- medium poetic exhibition of renewal, transformation and hope. I and my team believe that as this courageous idea as it is fully actualized will impact lives the world over. Next year is 2018 and I will have been living in China for 8 years! Eight is a lucky serendipitous number in China. It's time to unveil this project to the world!

3.Recently someone told me that Shanghai is a city with no culture, however it is full of various artists and art events. Why do you think it attracts all these creative souls from all over the world(including yourself)?

Wherever you have people you have culture. Art is everywhere and in everything. To those who complain that Shanghai has no culture I would encourage them to examine the lens from which in my opinion these inaccurate assumptions are made. Perhaps the cultural deficits they perceive are actually artistic opportunities for to them to directly make a creative contribution or too monetarily support creative platforms or start initiatives where they feel there is a need. I, like many artist both Chinese and foreign are in Shanghai because it is a city where a powerful artistic energy and spotlight is radiating throughout China and the world!

4.The house where you live has become a Museum of a living person. How do your neighbors react to your exhibition in the common area ?

Fortunately I have been respectfully living in my lane house for a few years and the house gradually evolved into is current state. If it had happened overnight it would have been like, " Excuse me what's going on ?! Someone call the police ! " Also, in most Chinese lane houses the residents tend to have an over flow of extra things which they store in the common areas . As my art begin to expand out of my living quarters I shared my rational with my neighbors that everyone in the house is placing boxes and a variety of things in the common area. I now have extra art that I need to temporarily hang on the walls above their "storage" on floor until the exhibition . From that perspective it made sense to them.

5.How does Chinese culture influence your art and how are the pieces created here different from those that you made in Us?

I have been living in China since 2010. I understand that our environment influences us consciously and subconsciously. This knowledge is a solid foundation for me to authentically create work that is appreciative of China without feeling like the work is forced to appeal to the Chinese or Chinese art market. In addition, 95% of the mixed media assemblage art from my China Chapters Collection has been MADE IN CHINA using reclaimed Chinese ARTifacts taken from their daily lives. In that regard the work has historical and nostalgic value. However , as an artist I do my best to not limit my creativity or themes I'm inspired to express in my work. Some of it is directly related to Chinese culture and phenomena, other aspects have more universal themes that are common to all of humanity.

What also makes this China Chapters body of work different from previous works is that is all LINKED to original recorded music, poetry and fashion also created during this period of my China Chapters. Another distinguishing factor is the use of reclaimed mirrors in all 8 of the art series I've created. With this immersive exhibition, literally and metaphorically I want the people to reflect upon the art, themselves and each other through my artistry.

6.What will happen with the House of Redic and all the installations if you ever decide to leave Shanghai ?

The goal was never to have the home become this art house exhibition. In fact, I had no intentions on opening my doors to the public. My initial intentions were to save cost and "work from home" until the exhibition. Like the video game Tetris I was merely "tetrising" my way using every available space to store not necessarily exhibit my art! That was until my trusted advisor after seeing the artistic metamorphosis of the lane house encouraged me not to wait until the grand exhibition but to expose and share the work NOW! Since then with the gracious consent of my neighbors I've opened our door; giving guided tours to hundreds of people from all walks of life and to the city of Shanghai at large. Most of the art is accompanied with original poetry and music which I recite and sing on these up close and personal tours. By opening my doors, sharing with the public and seeing it's impact I have come to appreciate the journey I what I've done inside the house . For now I will continue to schedule these tours so others can step inside the my home and be apart of a passion filled art tour before art leaves what has become a temporary art house museum

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