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1.It was built in 1914 and took its name from Fahwah Road, a village that lay at its western end

2.It was renamed Rue Lafayette in 1918 after an American revolutionary general, Marie – Joseph Paul Yvves Roch Gilbert du Motier Lafayette.

3.During the concession era it resembled today’s Fuxing road – busy and vibrant center of entertainment and various activities.

4.Historical highlights of Fuxing Road

1) Canidrome – a stadium structure, orginally built for a stadium structure originally built for greyhound racing in 1928. It could seat 50,000 spectators.
Picture source:Pinterest

The Canidrome has also been labeled the Rendezvous for Shanghai's Elite. It also used to serve as a sporting venue.

Picture source: Wikipedia; Buck Clayton playing at Canidrome

. After 1949, greyhound racing remained banned by the Communist party which was now in power. After the new government purchased the race track in 1952 and converted it into an arts and entertainment facility, the precinct's name was changed to the Shanghai Cultural Plaza.

2) Ballroom – famous jazz musicians played there during 1930s, including Buck Clayton and his Harlem Gentlemen.

Picture source: picssr; Buck Clayton in Shanghai in 1934

3) Blackstone Apartments – 13 31 Baroque Style the first purpose-built apartment building for expatriates in this location.

Picture source: Picssr
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