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Let’s admit one thing: no matter how much we love Shanghai, it is a city that can easily cause a lot of anxiety issues. Especially when you get back from your perfect beach getaway, the hectic pace of Hai will mercilessly suck off all that fresh energy you just gained. HOWEVER! There a few simple habits you can develop to save your sanity and keep that blissful peace of mind for a little longer!

1.Keep a calendar of social events to prevent FOMO.

We’re continually bombarded with suggestions about what we might do each week and weekend. The modern world and ubiquitous media make sure we know at all times just how much is going on out there. It’s a culture in which intense and painful does of FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out) are going to be inevitable.
You are not helpless though ! Simply – create your own social calendar and write down priorities for each week. For example – this week your focus are self-development workshops and the next one you embark on the ‘around the world tour’ with Shanghai’s international cuisines.

2.Create a regular fitness schedule and stick to it (because with the abundant food scene you will quickly go from hot to not)

The bombarding doesn’t end with the events suggestions, but goes on with restaurant deals, food festivals and new venues opening up. We can’t help but give in and indulge. Shanghai’s food industry succeeds beyond expectations in enticing our palates and not that rarely – providing us with that extra pounds. It would be a sin obviously to refuse all those pleasures and go on a strict diet . Instead -make sure that you exercise daily – even 30 minutes is enough. Learn some yoga moves and practice at home, ride a bike instead of wasting time and money on a 10 minute cab ride or even choose the stairs instead of the escalator.No rocket science at all!

3.Carefully plan your commuting on Friday evenings and rainy days.

The rule of thumb you need to accept in the first week of your life in the New York of the East – Friday past 8 pm = taxis evaporate. You may be end up having more luck finding a seat on the subway at 6 pm than getting a cab. Therefore if your not lucky owner of temporary residence permit at one of drinking zones then your options are 1) above mentioned zone occupation from early hours 2) roughing it with public transport 3) preparing comfy shoes and ‘taking bus #11’ ( dā shíyì lù chē 搭一路车) (good old ‘stroll’ in local words)

4. Don’t get emotionally attached to any kind of real estate or street ( as they might be gone faster than the time you take to decide what is your next WeChat profile picture)

Just because today you are happily contemplating your lane-house’s vibe or that deal on the factory your company miraculously got, doesn’t mean you will be able to bask in that happiness the next day. With Shanghai’s rapidly changing urban plans, better start working on your QAFAC (quick adaptation to frequency of apartment change )

5.Arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight ( especially during the summer season and Chinese new year)

Most of us nonchalantly tend to ignore those email reminders to arrive at the airport at least 2hours before because we are too cool be stuck at the airport for an hour. HOWEVER! Bear in mind 2 crucial facts: #1 the number of people in the middle kingdom is quite intimidating and #2 Chinese authorities perform their job meticulously as they check your travel documents. Do the math and save your nerves for higher purpose.

6. Develop a good relationship with your landlord ( and aways remember to bring him/her a little gift every now and then)

So it took a while to hunt down that cozy apartment of yours.Don’t forget though – your relationship with the landlord will be crucial for the peace of your living conditions.A small souvenir from your home country will cost you nothing but believe me – goes a loooong way.
Embrace these 6 steps and you might reach a stage of long lasting serenity and security in this town.Or..have we missed something? Let us know!

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