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So it’s almost a wrap for 2017 Ladies and Gentlemen! Since our biggest passion is trespassing the city’s hidden gems, exploring  and sneaking into the narrowest Shanghai lanes in search of the ultimately local experiences, we dare to consider ourselves quite meticulous observes of the city by the sea. Therefore, based on our deliberations as well as discussions with a few veteran expats, here are our 12 wishes to our dear Shanghai and its residents ( both local and expat!)for the upcoming new year!

1.Zip line between sky scrapers

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Won’t you admit that taking a little bit of that celestial space would make your life in Shanghai better by 50%?Dubai has already unveiled them - let's not stay behind!


2. Didi helicopter


For those less fit or not so adventurous ones – how delighted would you be to get those breathtaking views of the town for just around 100 RMB (ok, maybe that would be the cost of the shared option) as you head for another business meeting?

In fact – in May 2015 Chinese general aviation operator Reignwood Star Co Ltd and China's biggest taxi hailing platform Didi Chuxing proved a hit at the weekend in the congested capital of Beijing. They jointly launched a 3 day trial helicopter ride for Didi users , with 10,000 applicants who signed up for the service. Unfortunately Reignwood Star didn’t have enough capacity to accommodate them.

Don’t give up Didi!

3. That your nice sunny balcony shall not be blocked by a new skyscraper

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You do enjoy your sunny days on the balcony of your renovated lanehouse loft, don't you? We wish you that city authorities won’t decide it is a perfect spot for a proper pile of glass and steel

4. That the new subway station is close to your home but not close enough for the construction works to keep you awake at night

Picture source:Railway Technology

We love China for their efficiency when it comes to the urban landscape development, but those merciless drills at 3 or 5 am in the morning are even more efficient at killing our blissful, beauty sleep.

5. More neighbors love

Picture source:Culture Shock's private archive

So you have found your cozy little apartment or the space for the cutest café in town, turns out your neighbors consider you public enemy #1 and would cancel your residence permit if they could. Apparently, any sound of group conversation after 10 pm bothers their ‘qi’. We wish you that 2018 brings only those local neighbors who accept the Chinese Festival’s gifts from friendly foreigners and ganbei with you the for the sign of propitious co-habitation in our lovely city.

6. Thicker walls

Picture source: Culture Shock's private archives

Well and if the relationship with the neighbors doesn't work out, at least we wish you a proper wall…and maybe some good sound proof insulation liner!

7.More love for shared bikes

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Sharing is caring, and that rule applies to shared commodity too. So the next time you finish your cycling trip spend a minute longer on at least decent parking position.

8.An app that arranges your visa documents in 10 minutes and files them to the Exit-Entry bureau through WeChat!

Picture Source: The Neurology Lounge

This one probably doesn’t need extra comment from our side ( oh and may it also work cross borders to bring that squeaky clean criminal record from your country where you haven’t lived for 5 years or more…)

9. Enough space on your smartphones to fit that visa app and 100 more WeChat groups you will join this year

Picture Source: Marketing China

Because nothing hurts like the FOMO that you didn’t catch up with those 350 unread messages from the latest WeChat group gathering friends and acquaintances of cats drinking only triple-filtered water.

10. That all the singles find a partner before Chinese New Year

Picture Source: What's On Xiamen

We have heard and read how demanding Chinese parents can be in this matter so for the sake of your sanity we hope that you won’t show up alone at that annual gathering mid February. You still have around 50 days to work on it so 油! 

11. That Jack Ma comes up with an app where you can order a perfect partner online and delivered to your door before Chinese New Year

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That’s the reason why THE Dragon keeps rising – because there is an app for everything! We have faith in you, Ma!

12.That you receive hongbao with Bitcoin for Chinese new year

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The opinions on this intangible phenomenon with more than tangible rewards are still divided.Chances are high, though, that the lucky owners of Bitcoin might be pretty well off in years to come.That’s why we hope that for Chinese New Year 2018 Wechat Hongbao will step up its game a tiny little bit.

And finally don’t get too worried with all those new year’s resolutions because in about 2 months you can make new ones when The Year of the Dog kicks off!


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