• "Probably the best way to immerse yourself in local Shanghai, in just half a day !"

    Bike tour - shanghai

  • What We Do

    Ride local, eat local, meet locals!

    Morning Tour

    Our best rated tour !

    Hop-on our vintage bicycles and discover the many faces of Shanghai, through narrow lanes of the old town and join locals in their morning routines...


    Night Tour

    Shanghai by night

    What a better way to experience the “City That Never Sleeps” than hopping on one of our vintage Forever bicycles and explore the different areas after dark...


    Private Tours

    Tailor-made private tours

    Get the best of what we do, at the time you want with the people you love.


  • Book your morning tour OR YOUR NIGHT TOUR now !

    The Morning Tour is your best option to discover the real Shanghai & meet the locals


    The Night Tour is our latest creation: Ride through Shanghai best spots and feel its energy at night fall!

  • What cool people say...

    Bike Tour Operator of the Year 2017 - Shanghai

  • amazing guides

    Cycle safe with our expat Tour Leaders, expert in local life: They are not just great, they speak Mandarin!

    Expat Guide

    Local life expert

    Fluent in Chinese, your foreign guide will lead you to the the best parts of town, where tourists usually don't go ! Meet his local friends, interact with them, understand what matters most to them and share what will soon become one of your best moments in Shanghai !

    Our Routes

    Tour design & Experience

    Our Tours have been designed following what we love and we think is important to show you. We collect all feedbacks one by one to make sure we are always going in the right direction. All Tours are in English and carefully designed by our product team, re-adapting the itineraries day after day


    We have your back!

    Your safety is our priority ! Our amazing tour leaders are well aware of that. Our routes are specially design to stay far for cars & others motobikes. We provide free helmets, insurance and safety rules to make sure everyone feels good on the road and focus on what's important.

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    Check our availability on both join-in and private tours

    All our Bike Tours are in English (unless otherwise specified)

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